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A Piece of Me #06, egg tempera on panel.

A Piece of Me #06, egg tempera

A Piece of Me #06, egg tempera on panel.

A Piece of Me #06, egg tempera over pastiglia on panel. 21 x 13.3 cm or 8 1/4 x 5/1/4 in.

Third now in the egg tempera series on the left. This one went rather quickly mostly because the pastiglia and underdrawing had already done their homework. I created some light washes for the background, applied some of the architectural shadows and then had fun drawing in the back section of the woman’s head on the left. The pastiglia had already sculpted her hair, so the brush strokes picked up that texture quite easily.

You can read an overview about the whole project here.

*Note: the photograph of the panel is the best I could do given my skills and lighting conditions since extremely light pastel shades are notoriously difficult to reproduce. Trust me, the original is more luminous. 🙂