Figure Drawing April 8, 2019

Tonight, one of our regulars, Lisa, the lady with glasses.

A few turned out well tonight, or shall I say, more keepers than last week. One more week of jet-lag under may belt. My feet were less numb, my body, in general, more responsive. Below, three fifteen minute and four four minute poses.

Of the three fifteen minute poses, the spotlighted one is my favorite. This one is interesting (I think) because it includes five different colors: charcoal black for laying in the figure, pastel yellow and pink for the highlights, sienna to accent the warm bodily midtones, and umber for the shadows. Not bad for fifteen minutes. If I had had a few more, I would have added in some white highlights. Can’t do everything.

Conté pencil and crayon on tinted pastel paper. 32.5 x 50 cm or 13 x 19.75 in.

Four four minute poses. Charcoal on toned sketching paper. 35 x 50 cm. or 13.75 x 19.75 in.


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