Figure Drawing, February 17, 2017

We visited San Clemente, California for three months this winter. During that time, I located a local art supply store (San Clemente Art Supply) that hosts figure drawing sessions twice a week. Twelve bucks, one room, one model, good lighting, free benches and drawing boards, 3 hours, no teacher. Just my cup of tea.

The model this day was  a good one in the sense that when she took a pose she held it. A thick stocky woman who you might not otherwise want to cross. Both of the drawings below were 20 minute poses. Conté pencil highlighted with conté crayon on toned pastel paper.30.5 x 40.5 cm or 12 x 16 in.


A succession of quick 2 minute poses. Chalk on toned drawing paper. 14 x 17 inches or 35.5 x 43.4 cm.


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