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Mixed media refers to the practice of making art using many different media: oils, acrylics, egg, wax, gumarabic, plaster, paper, fabric, clay, etc… The term is not synonymous with the “mixed technique” (an approach that uses egg tempera and oil somewhat interchangeably) and/or the “mische technik” (the Viennese school of super realism that uses egg tempera and oil interchangeably).

mixed media portrait of Anna

Anna – a Mixed Media Painting, May 2011

Back in the 1970’s after graduating from college, I did a series of “puzzle paintings”. My idea at the time was to explore the different media that can be used to create painted images. So I made three at the time, and was preparing to create a fourth, when my direction (in art and in life) changed. So I packed up the little blocks that I had already had cut, and moved out west.

Some 35 years later I finally pulled those little blocks out of storage. I had already determined that, psychologically, this piecemeal approach to image creation worked best when applied to the human being, so when my friend, Anna, became seriously and unexpectedly ill, my choice of subject matter became clear. I was able to locate a photograph of her that I liked (secured the copyright permission from its owner to use it) and set to work. I used the mixed technique, encaustic, and egg tempera on small individual panels. Some were pre-treated with collage elements others were textured with a light relief, others were left untreated and simply gessoed. Each wooden piece measures 9 x 12.7 cm or 3 1/2 x 5 inches (that’s pretty small!). The assembled piece measures 44.5 x 63.5 cm or 17 1/2 x 25 inches. May 2011.