silverpoint composite underdrawing

Silverpoint Composite

silverpoint composite underdrawing

Composite silverpoint underdrawing, silverpoint on pastel ground over tinted acrylic gesso on HDF. Final size: 106.5 x 168 cm or 42″ x 66″

It’s taken me approximately one year to complete this series of sixty four panels. Not that it should have taken all that time – it’s just that life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. However, all sixty panels are now completed such that the composite image can be assembled. And here it is. The final size is approximately 3 1/2 feet x 5 1/2 feet. So, almost life size.

I love the soft daguerrotype atmosphere that the silver creates. Also, how the somewhat fuzzy, sandpaper-like pastel ground that I applied over the tinted (acrylic) gesso panels adds to that softness. Drawing in silverpoint necessarily means a compressed value range, which in this case, I was able to increase through the addition of white highlights.

Silverpoint assemblage along the way.

Silverpoint assemblage along the way.

As I have insisted all along though, my aesthetic intention for these panels is that they serve as an underdrawing for the final painting – yet to come. Now, due to a number of technical considerations, I will need to perform a few experiments before I apply further layers of paint, fixative and/or varnish – not necessarily in that order. Thankfully, the University of Delaware hosts a forum, consisting of professional artists, expert conservators and product creators who freely offer sound, technical advice to geeky and experimental artists like myself. What a gift! Here’s the link for anyone who may be interested. So, though it may take awhile I truly hope I will be able to post the final outcome sometime in the (relatively) near future. Stay tuned. 😉


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